Camber is designed to be seen both day and night. Its daytime form is an eclectic blend of curvilinear and rectilinear lines accentuated by structurally expressive components. As such, Camber becomes an accent element for a broad range of contemporary architectural schemes. Camber is strongly three dimensional, casting interesting wall shadows and creating soft gradations on its own components. Camber will enhance any facade

Camber provides a unique array of functional and aesthetic illumination. Its primary light distribution is up and down, with the down light providing building perimeter and entrance illumination. The up light is for architectural features such as overhangs and projections. However, if upward light is not needed, Camber is available with fixed or adjustable indirect reflectors to redirect light downward. Camber also lights its surrounding wall, and its own surfaces, all with a fully shielded lamp to eliminate glare.