The Outdoor Lighting Brands of the U.S. Pole Lighting Company, Inc.


US Architectural Lighting/Sun Valley Lighting uses electrostatically applied powder coating for painting our extensive product offering, Powder coating has outstanding outdoor exposure durability, great scratch resistance and maintains its attractive exterior look over time. Powder coating is recognized as being environmentally friendlier than other conventional finishes producing virtually zero volatile organic compounds (VOC). Due to its many advantages, electrostatically applied powder coating is the right choice for your outdoor project.

Standard Finishes

All selections provided with a semi-gloss finish.

The colors shown here may not be exact due to color differences from monitor brands and monitor calibrations. For exact color match please request a color chip.

Due to its world wide acceptance and recognition, we have adopted the RAL color matching system. Every leading paint manufacturer has adopted the RAL color system, making it easier for the entire lighting industry to have better color matching when using different component suppliers to create a lighting assembly.

Using this color system will allow us to provide you with a more consistent color match from project to project. We have provided a 5 color standard selection consisting of: Black, White, Grey, Dark Bronze and Green available in both smooth and textured finishes. In addition you may order colors from a more than 200 RAL color selection. We can also match any color required for your project.

Finishing Process

US Architectural Lighting/Sun Valley Lighting's powder coating features a multi-step finishing process using state of the art equipment and application procedures to produce a durable, weather resistant finish to enhance the appearance of our product both at its initial installation and for years to come. Exterior metal is first shot blasted to a "near white" surface removing all rust, dirt, grease and oil.In addition to thoroughly cleaning, this procedure etches the metal surface for maximum paint adhesion.

After manually "wiping dry" the shot blast grit, the metal then receives an electrostatically applied powder coating formulated from thermo set polyester colorfast resins.

Finally the metal moves through a sixty-five foot baking oven heated to 410º for 15 - 20 minutes depending on the metal type and wall thickness. This heat fusion process permanently bonds the UV protected polyester resins to the metal providing a durable, weather resistant finish.