Post Tops

The headliners of the Pacifica™ family are the Post Top site and area luminaires. The Pacifica™ Post Tops were designed to balance scale, form and function with technology and performance. Available in two sizes, with either a single or double struts.

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Optic and Motion Controls

Pacifica™ ​luminaires are fully controllable to maximize energy and savings.

Twist Lock Receptacle

The TPR7 option provides a 7-pin ANSI C136.41 dimming receptacle that is fitting for utility and commercial lighting. Available with 3 power contacts and 2 or 4 signal contacts.

High-Low Motion Sensor/Photocell

 ​Selecting this option provides an outdoor rated motion sensor pre-programmed to step dim the fixture from 50% to 100%. Sensors can be field programmed with Bluetooth App.

Surge Protection

Surge protectors react quickly to power spikes, absorbing or completely shunting them away from luminaire components. Surge protector supplied with every Pacifica luminaire.


Rounding out the family and supplementing the cohesive finishing touch of design consistency we have the Pacifica™ Bollard. With the addition of the Pacifica™ Bollard your site can carry the design aesthetic from the parking lot to the building sidewalk. The Pacifica™ Bollard, or PACB, marries the surrounding area together with decorative components to complement the Pacifica™ Arm Mount and Post Tops.

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