6" square, straight aluminum pole. 30 foot maximum height. 0.188" or 0.250" wall thickness. 13" bolt circle.

Drill mount or tenon mount with optional tenon adapters. Slotted base plate. Aluminum base plate cover and pole cap.

Extruded 6063 alloy shaft, heat treated to a T6 temper. Cast aluminum gusseted base plate, a-356 aluminum, heat treated to a T6 temper. Continuous circumferential welding of shaft and base plate (both inside bottom and outside top). Reinforced hand hole.

Polyester powdercoat standard. Anodized shaft option.

Model Pole Height Bolt Circle Anchorage
SNTA 206-250 20' 13" 1"x36"x4"
SNTA 206-188 20' 13" 1"x36"x4"
SNTA 256-250 25' 13" 1"x36"x4"
SNTA 256-188 25' 13" 1"x36"x4"
SNTA 306-250 30' 13" 1"x36"x4"
SNTA 306-188 30' 13" 1"x36"x4"