Square tapered steel pole. 30 foot maximum height. 7 or 11 gauge wall thickness. 11-1/2" or 13-1/2" bolt circle.

Drill mount or tenon mount with optional tenon adapters. Slotted base plate. Steel base plate cover and pole cap.

Structural quality steel shaft (55,000 psi min). Structural quality hot rolled steel base plate (36,000 psi min.). Continuous circumferential welding of shaft and base plate. Reinforced handhole.

Polyester powdercoat standard. Galvanized option. Prime finish only option.

Model Pole Height Bolt Circle Anchorage
STS 20-11 20' 11" 1"x36"x4"
STS 25-11 25' 11" 1"x36"x4"
STS 30-11 30' 13.5" 1"x36"x4"