AXIM Series

First Fruits

The first luminaire to be presented from U.S. Architectural's line of Column Lighting is the AXIM family of products. The AXIM Series is a familiar form presented in a clean contemporary style. The AXIM Columns feature contemporary design to complement the architectural compositions of today.

Composed of 2 column lights, and performance, wayfinding perimeter bollard, this line of luminaires is available in multiple heights from 2 feet to 16 feet, for varying pedestrian scale needs.  


Scalability Redefined

The AXIM Series Round Columns come in two diameters and multiple height ranges that are suitable for their setting.

Application wise, the AXIM Series can light everything from smaller parking lots and roadways to more human scale pedestrian applications such as parks, pathways, entries, plazas, and walkways. 


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