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The AXIM Series is a familiar form presented in a clean contemporary style. The minimalistic appearance is accomplished by maintaining it’s cylindrical profile from top to bottom with only a break at the luminaire head. Exposed hardware is minimized with hidden luminaire head mounting and internal base anchorage.

The standard brushed stainless steel struts accent the column and when lit, makes the top of the luminaire head appear to float. The struts can also be color matched to the body and shaft to produce a more homogenous appearance.

The Axim is provided without a lens as standard, which gives the best performance. An optional clear or white acrylic lens are available to contain the luminaire aperture. White Acrylic can be used to provide a diffused, soft lighting source which minimizes glare.

The AXIM Series is built around the superior performance of our PLED optical system. PLED is an outdoor lighting, application based LED optical system. It provides high efficacy and a variety of distributions and shielding for flexibility. PLED provides 18 total distributions for the AXIM Series including high throw optics for better coverage and spacing, shielding to prevent light spill, and diffused, low glare illumination with the Acrylic Lens option. All of these performance LED optical features allow the Axim Series to accel at a wide variety of applications and make it a great choice to light your project.


  • BABA compliant.
  • UL listed for wet location.
  • Optics are Dark Sky compliant with a U0 BUG rating for no lens option.

  • AXMR7 (7" dia.)
  • AXMR7-CA (7" dia. w/ Clear Acrylic Lens)
  • AXMR7-WA (7" dia. w/ White Acrylic Lens)

  • AXMR9 (9" dia.)
  • AXMR9-CA (9" dia. w/ Clear Acrylic Lens)
  • AXMR9-WA (9" dia. w/ White Acrylic Lens)
PLED Optics
No Lens or CA Option:
  • PLED-II - Type II
  • PLED-II-FR - Type II Front Row
  • PLED-III - Type III Med.
  • PLED-III-W - Type III Wide
  • PLED-IV - Type IV
  • PLED-IV-FT - Type IV Forward Throw
  • PLED-V-Sq-N - Type V Narrow
  • PLED-V-Sq-M - Type V Med.
  • PLED-V-Sq-W - Type V Wide
WA Lens Options:
  • PLED-ASY - Type Asymmetric
  • PLED-ASY-HS - Type Asymmetric w/ House Side Shield
  • PLED-SYM - Type Symmetric
PLED Drive Current
  • 1050mA
  • 875mA
  • 700mA
  • 525mA
  • 350mA
  • 175mA
Color Temp - CCT
  • 27K (2700K)
  • 30KW (3000K)
  • 40K (4000K)
  • 50K (5000K)
  • TRA
  • True Amber
  • UNV (120V-277V)
  • 347V
  • 480V
AXIM Round Bollard