The Marbella™ from Sun Valley Lighting takes the traditional elegance of a lantern and crafts the jewelry that will accentuate your architectural creation day or night. The Marbella™ expands on the simple beauty of an arch to carry your theme into every nuance of your architecture. Do not mistake the MarbellaTM for just another beautiful piece of artwork, the Marbella™ also is a technological marvel utilizing the PLED optical system from Sun Valley as the powerful engine of effective photometric performance.

The Marbella Lantern™ is available in 3 different sizes: 21, 18 and 12, with 3 different lensing options: no lens, clear patterned acrylic lens or white acrylic lens. It can be mounted as either a tenon mount or pendant mount, on either a pole or a wall mount. There are 4 different styles of decorative arms for the larger 21 and 18 units as well as 4 different options for the smaller 12.

MRB21 21" Diameter
MRB18 18" Diameter
MRB12 12" Diameter
  • CPA - Clear Patterned Acrylic
  • WA - White Acrylic
  • Pendant Mount
  • Tenon Mount
PLED Optics
  • PLED-II - Type II
  • PLED-II-FR - Type II Front Row
  • PLED-II-MIL - Type II Median Illuminator
  • PLED-III - Type III Med.
  • PLED-III-W - Type III Wide
  • PLED-IV - Type IV
  • PLED-IV-FT - Type IV Forward Throw
  • PLED-V-Sq-N - Type V Narrow
  • PLED-V-Sq-M - Type V Med.
  • PLED-V-Sq-W - Type V Wide
PLED Drive Current
  • 1050mA
  • 875mA
  • 700mA
  • 525mA
  • 350mA
Color Temp - CCT
  • NW (4000K)
  • CW (5000K)
  • WW (3000K)
  • TRA
  • True Amber
  • 120V
  • 208V
  • 240V
  • 277V
  • 347V
  • 480V