The Tsunami 15 is a reimaging of the Tsunami contemporary, stylized fixture that has been a mainstay of the US Architectural line for many years. The NEW version is a sleeker, enhanced Tsunami that combines the tranquility of waves with the awesome power of mother nature. This perfect intersection of beauty and power now comes to a luminaire for your site and area lighting projects. The NEW Tsunami 15, dubbed the TSN15, is U.S. Architectural Lighting’s answer to a confluence of organic beauty inspired by nature and raw photometric power.

This site lighting luminaire is dark sky friendly and carries a BUG rating of U0. It features an all new low-profile day-form housing and uses the PLED™ high value optical system with field replaceable and field rotatable optics that can be configured for up to 256 watts providing up to 30,000 lumens for your 30 foot parking lot applications; yet it also is offered with U. S. Architectural’s Ambience™ low luminance lens option for the pedestrian scale sections of your site plan. The Tsunami 15 is available with 10 photometric distributions plus house side shielding and the Ambience™ low luminance lens versions for more versatility than you ever imagined possible. The Ambience™ low luminance lens option is anchored by a precision cast, shallow aluminum door frame with minimal light loss, low luminance soft lens to reduce glare at lower mounting heights, where the bare LED brightness would otherwise be objectionable. The Ambience™ low luminance lens is minimal loss with luminaire efficacies still exceeding 100 LPW.

TSN15-ST (Street Arm)
TSN15-WM (Wall Mount)
PLED Optics
  • PLED-II - Type II
  • PLED-II-FR - Type II Front Row
  • PLED-II-MIL - Type II Median Illuminator
  • PLED-III - Type III Med.
  • PLED-III-W - Type III Wide
  • PLED-IV - Type IV
  • PLED-IV-FT - Type IV Forward Throw
  • PLED-V-Sq-N - Type V Narrow
  • PLED-V-Sq-M - Type V Med.
  • PLED-V-Sq-W - Type V Wide
Ambience™ Lens Options:
  • AL-ASY - Type Asymmetric
  • AL-ASY-HS - Type Asymmetric w/ House Side Shield
  • AL-SYM - Type Symmetric
PLED Drive Current
  • 1050mA
  • 875mA
  • 700mA
  • 525mA
  • 350mA
Color Temp - CCT
  • NW (4000K)
  • CW (5000K)
  • WW (3000K)
  • TRA
  • True Amber
  • 120V
  • 208V
  • 240V
  • 277V
  • 347V
  • 480V