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With its distinctively modern and minimalist design that creates a look of urban sophistication, the Beyond Bollard™ features a powerful outdoor LED system designed for area and pathway lighting, providing safety and security. Its robust performance makes it ideal for use in parks, city squares, shopping malls and on exterior commercial buildings.

With an advanced optics and PLED options, the Beyond Bollard™ provides the highest level of performance not only in delivered footcandles, but also in available distributions. The PLED system can deliver more than 5000 lumens. Each of the PLED optical modules produces a crisp, uniform light that eliminates shadows and scalloping in pathway applications.

The Beyond Bollard™ is offered with lens options to allow for many different illumination appearances--from diffuse and low glare to high performance wide coverage. All the optional lenses are high impact, UV stable acrylic. The CA clear flat acrylic lens is designed for impact resistance and high lumen output. The AL ambiance flat lens offers high glare reduction. The CPA Clear Prismatic dropdown conical lens is ideal for eye-catching, jewel-like aesthetics with slight glare reduction. The CWA White Prismatic dropdown lens provides high glare reduction and aesthetics.

In contrast to the standard round and square extruded type bollards, the Beyond Bollard™ has a customizable extruded post that is architecturally relevant with a high level of aesthetic appeal to harmonize with the existing outdoor environment. While a typical bollard is 42" height, the Beyond Bollard offers the flexibility of the standard 42” bollard to an 80” column with the option of any height from 2’ to 8’.


  • BABA compliant.
  • UL listed for wet location.
  • Optics are Dark Sky compliant with a U0 BUG rating for specific configurations.

BYB80 80in tall
BYB42 42in tall
  • NL - No Lens
  • PCA - Patterned Clear Acrylic (conical)
  • CA - Clear Acrylic (flat)
  • PWA - White Acrylic (conical)
  • AL - Ambience™ Low Luminance Lens (flat)
PLED Optics
  • PLED-II - Type II
  • PLED-II-FR - Type II Front Row
  • PLED-III-M - Type III Med.
  • PLED-III-W - Type III Wide
  • PLED-IV - Type IV
  • PLED-IV-FT - Type IV Forward Throw
  • PLED-V-SQ-N - Type V Square Narrow
  • PLED-V-SQ-M - Type V Square Med.
  • PLED-V-SQ-W - Type V Square Wide
Ambience™ Lens Options:
  • AL-ASY - Type Asymmetric
  • AL-ASY-HS - Type Asymmetric w/ House Side Shield
  • AL-SYM - Type Symmetric
Color Temp - CCT
  • 27K (2700K)
  • 30K (3000K)
  • 40K (4000K)
  • 50K (5000K)
  • TRA (True Amber)
  • 120V
  • 208V
  • 240V
  • 277V
  • 347V
  • 480V