Recessed wall pack type luminaire. Can be mounted higher up for general area illumination or as a low level unit where higher light levels are needed

Angled faceplate with prismatic glass lens and internal reflector options. Recessed backbox with (2) 3/4" NPT bottom holes. Suitable for poured concrete construction.

Prismatic tempered glass lens. Internal reflector provides symmetric down, symmetric up, right side, or left side distributions. Lens baffle and guard options.

Heavy gauge cast aluminum faceplate. Cast aluminum backbox. Polyester powdercoat finish.

  • SYM-D - Symmetric, Wide Angle Downlight
  • ASY-R - Asymmetric, Right Side Beam Downlight
  • ASY-L - Asymmetric, Left Side Beam Downlight
  • SYM-U - Symmetric, Wide Angle Uplight
  • SYM-C - Symmetric, Cast Baffle Uplight
  • SYM-CG - Symmetric, Cast Baffle Uplight w/ Guard