Dezīner Series Small

Dezīner Series Models

The Dezīner Series™, Sun Valley and U.S. Architectural Ltg’s successful family of neoclassical, pendant mounted, bell-shaped luminaires, includes 5 newly engineered shade varieties. Similarly named to our previous line, the Dezīner Series™ is now all grouped together for ease of location and navgation. They include:

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Dezīner Series A
DS-A: Angeled
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Dezīner Series C
DS-C: Concave/Flared
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Dezīner Series D
DS-D: Deep Bell
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Dezīner Series S
DS-S: Skirted
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Dezīner Series T
DS-T: Tiered

3 Sizes

The entire line of the Dezīner Series™ consists of three sizes, from the DS6 pedestrian scale through the DS8, for medium heights through the DS10, large scale product for use at higher elevations such as parking lots. All of the DS products offer elegant day-form design, easily configured from 5 shade shapes to customize the look to best complement your architecture.

All of the Dezīner Series™ products also offer the engineered optical system performance of our PLED system, which provides industry best performance with 9 optical distributions, and additional control features such as internal house side shields and Ambience™ low luminance lens for specific performance needs.

DS6 customization

Custom Options

Each DS model uses either our 6", 8" or 10" spun dome with our patented Tru-level™ hanging and alignment hardware. The Dezīner Series™ highlights Sun Valley and U.S. Architectural Ltg’s PLED™ precision engineered optical system available with 10 photometric distributions plus house side shielding and the Ambience™ Low Luminance Lens versions for more versatility than you ever imagined possible. These luminaires are also available with an optional design feature of unlit Bands as an embellishment that many designers appreciate.

 DS6 customization

Complementing Small Scale Arms

The NEW Dezīner Series™ 6, the smallest of the 3 models, also features our latest offering of small arms and cast aluminum scrolls from which to choose. Together, the Dezīner Series™ small bell luminaires and their corresponding arms are exciting additions to our outdoor lighting portfolio for smaller proportions and pedestrian scale.

DS-A Angeled
DS-C Concave/Flared
DS-D Deep Bell
DS-S Skirted
DS-T Tiered
Model Sizes
DS6 6" Spun Dome
DS8C 8" Spun Dome
DS10 10" Spun Dome
PLED Optics
  • PLED-II - Type II
  • PLED-II-FR - Type II Front Row
  • PLED-III - Type III
  • PLED-III-W - Type III Wide
  • PLED-IV - Type IV
  • PLED-IV-FT - Type IV Forward Throw
  • PLED-V-N - Type V Narrow
  • PLED-V-Sq-M - Type V Med.
  • PLED-V-Sq-W - Type V Wide
Ambience™ Lens Options:
  • AL-ASY - Type Asymmetric
  • AL-ASY-HS - Type Asymmetric w/ House Side Shield
  • AL-SYM - Type Symmetric
PLED Drive Current
  • 875mA
  • 700mA
  • 525mA
  • 350mA
Color Temp - CCT
  • 27K (2700K)
  • 30K (3000K)
  • 40K (4000K)
  • 50K (5000K)
  • UNV (120V-277V)
  • 347V
  • 480V