Quick Ship Razar Wall Mount

Decorative wall mount luminaire with performance area lighting optics. The QSRW1 is a contemporary styled fixture with lens free design features excellent fixture brightness control for the optical system.

The QSRW1 electrical housing appears to organically reach out from the mounting surface to capture the optical assembly and create the impression of a luminaire that is a natural extension of the building structure.

Heavy gauge cast aluminum. Stainless steel hardware. Polyester powdercoat finish.

Catalog #
  • QSRW1/2050/PLED-III/(X)/(CX)/RAL-8019/DBZ
  • QSRW1/2050/PLED-IV-FT/(X)/(CX)/RAL-8019/DBZ
  • QSRW1/2070/PLED-III/(X)/(CX)/RAL-8019/DBZ
  • QSRW1/2070/PLED-IV-FT/(X)/(CX)/RAL-8019/DBZ
  • QSRW1/2010/PLED-III/(X)/(CX)/RAL-8019/DBZ
  • QSRW1/2010/PLED-IV-FT/(X)/(CX)/RAL-8019/DBZ
  • 120V
  • 208V
  • 240V
  • 277V
  • 347V
  • 480V