How To Design Your Outdoor Lighting System

4 STEP process to design your outdoor lighting

How To Design Your Outdoor Lighting System

Sun Valley and US Arch Lighting have a 4 STEP process to design your outdoor lighting called SAS POP where:

SA stands for Style of Architectural

S stands for Sparkle Bling

P stands for Proportion which you can think of as Scale and

OP stands for Optical Performance

Let’s go thru these one at a time. First, select the style from your architecture Super important step that Connects the fixture appearance (Day-form) to your site and its architectural elements, for example select:

  • Neoclassical
  • Victorian
  • American Traditional
  • Contemporary
  • Transitional
  • Modern

We have a product for your Architectural Style.

Second: Sparkle or Bling: ie Select whether you are looking for Jewelry as a focal point that draws attention like a diamond necklace on a model or would you prefer to add Make-Up that blends-in and disappears, enhancing your site but not drawing attention to itself?

Third: P Proportion or Scale You will want to carry your design elements through as you move away from the site and as you increase elevation. Think wall mounted sconces on the building, bollards along your approach pathway and the path of egress, pedestrian scale post tops on the campus and large formatted scale for your parking lots.

Ask yourself, Do the products that you select offer you the flexibility for proper proportion?

Fourth OP Optical Performance

Also known as your Night scape Performance

  • High performance photometrics in your luminaires offer high efficiency which lowers both operational cost as well as installation cost, because fewer light points and poles may be required
  • Hi performance also means glare control for visual comfort so your nighttime occupants feel safe and comfortable, not in the dark nor blinded
  • Select luminaires with multiple Distribution Patterns for all types of applications and the Flexibility of Field rotatable optics
  • And Last, Be certain that your photometric options include Uplight and back light control for your most stringent site requirements.

Enhanced Architectural impact, Improved Safety, Beautiful nightscapes and Efficiency

That’s the Power of SAS POP.

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